You and I and You – Paintings

In this series I dealt with the phenomenon of “monogamous” or “not so monogamous” partnerships and how humans love each other, how to be passionate with your partner or partners – I question myself during the process of painting, how do they interact , who is the female, who plays the male part, is the red/orange color stroke stronger than the black line or verci versa, is there balance – how to get balance – can each stroke or line breathe indepentendly or to what degree do they depend on – how do they deal with the surrounding space – is there loneliness or do they live together – in what way – thrilling or boring, how is the movement – couch potato or skyrocking lighting – ink, acrylics, crayons on heavy weight, acid free paper 23 x 30 cm, the paper can be mounted on this dark grey woodpanel and can be ordered separately. Enjoy